Career | The essential job skills to get you employed

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Every position requires a different skill set, but there are some essential job skills that are applicable and sought by employers. 

When looking for a new job or seeking promotion, we focus on our unique skill set that we can bring to the position. It is this skill set that sets us apart from the competition and showcases our ability and expertise.

However, there are some skills that every employee needs to have and showcase.

This may sound obvious but writing skills are essential. From simply sending professional emails to colleagues and clients to creating marketing campaigns, employers want to see that employees are capable of having basic writing skills to carry out such functions.

Blogging is one of the best ways to showcase your writing skills, while also showcasing your creative side.

No matter the size of the company, web marketing is essential for brand awareness and revenue generation. Being proficient in web marketing can help, such as creating online ads, website content, email marketing and conversion optimisation. You can learn such skills through free online courses, such as those offered by Hubspot.

Obviously, to do such skills you need to have excellent computer skills. One of the most important programmes to know is Excel as we become more of a data driven world. From social media numbers to email listings and revenue, all such data is still filtered through Excel.

While these practical abilities are beneficial, you still need to showcase skills that go beyond experience and qualifications.

The ability to solve problems and make decisions is important for employers, as are presentation skills. The latter is important if your role involves pitching to others or if you need to communicate with fellow employees.

Personal development is also pivotal. Personal development is all about having the right attitude towards work and the organisation you work for. Employers tend to look for people who are keen to develop and learn.

Are your skills up to scratch?