Career | Flying high in career with less experience

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Whether you are after changing careers or starting a new role, you can often feel that you do not have the level of experience that others have on your team. But there are many ways to masquerade your inexperience.

No matter how many years you work in an industry, it is still daunting when you take up a new position in a team. It is easy to start questioning your every task and method, and especially when your team members seem so much more in-tune and qualified in their roles.

That transitional period, a such, can seem never ending.

Unfortunately, as a new team member, you have to prove your worth. Always being early is a good way to start. This not only gives you the extra time to catch up and set your stall out for the day, this also shows your team members that you are dedicated and committed to the role.

Before meetings, go over the notes diligently so you are confident when asked questions or know what it is happening on your team.

If possible, submit any of your tasks before the deadline day to show that you can stay ahead of schedule. This also gives you or other members of your team time to make any necessary changes before any other major deadline.

It is expected that you will ask many questions upon taking on the role. Follow up on any questions that you are unsure of. This shows that you are trying your best to get the hang of things as fast as possible.

However, try to do as much research of your own before you ask questions so you are more informed. If you do want to ask someone in your team, make sure it’s the right person. You do not want to annoy your boss by asking silly questions when you can ask someone else.  Take notes of what each person does and what their roles are; this information will allow you to ask the right person.

Finally, do not remind people of your inexperience or age. You are there as you are qualified for that position, and can bring value to your team. Confidence is key in the transitional period.