Career | How blogging can help your career

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Blogging can be a great pastime to journal about your passions, such as beauty or fashion, but it can also have a positive impact on your career.

The success stories of millionaire bloggers is enough to inspire anyone to start up their own page, but it can often prove a lot of hard work with little return.

While you may not make thousands, blogging may help your career by being a little creative and investing a lot of time and effort. 

  • Blogging can get you noticed

Having a blog with a well engaged and active audience is enough for your employers to sit up and take notice of you. They may want to tap into your expertise and creativity demonstrated through your blog, and handsomely reward you for that. With a potential global audience and presence on social media, you may also come to the attention of other companies. 

  • Develop your brand

You are a brand once you have developed a unique page, offering and audience. Branding, and promotion of that brand online, is a key marketing function for all companies. By maintaining your blog and accompanying social media presences, you are demonstrating your skills in this area. 

  • Freelance Opportunities and extra income

Good blogs comes to the attention of editors, or companies that want to use your content or expertise in a specific area. This may lead to offers of freelance work, or some side gigs. Add in your contact details to ensure such people can contact you.

  • Your writing will improve

If you are keen on improving your writing skills at work and for pleasure, blogging is a great way to achieve that. Blogging consistently and reading other blogs helps you to hone in on your own writing skills. Writing for blogs is a new skillset that you can also add to your CV.

  • Makes you more organised

Juggling a full-time job and blogging is time consuming. This, in turn, forces you to be more organised and able to manage your time more efficiently. It also allows teaches you how to prioritise your work better. These skills will make you a more efficient worker in the office – and your bosses will be impressed by such skills.