Career | Is a freelance career for you?

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Some careers offer the opportunity to work on a freelance basis. While working your own hours and from home sounds ideal, it’s not as easy for everyone.

Being your own boss. It’s something most of us only dream of when we face another long day at work, or having to deal with annoying co-workers. And there is also the perks of being able to work your own hours, and of course in your own home. No more commuting and no more rushing around to get clothes and lunch ready.

However, it’s not all lounging around in your pyjamas. Working from home, and by yourself, can be exceptionally lonely with no one to talk to. With so many distractions – such as TV, social media and no big brother type office environment – it can also be very hard to stay motivated.

To counteract this, set up weekly meetings with clients or go to networking events that will help you generate more work. You also need to create a creative and calm work space in the home.

The temptation to have a lie in or stay up late watching TV is always there when you do not have a looming deadline. This one-off can quickly turn into a bad habit. Set up a consistent schedule and work regular hours so that you can differentiate between work and play hours.

You cannot be afraid of hard work. If you succeed in freelance, you will end up working longer hours than you would in a regular job such as weekends or in the evenings.

Your clients today may not be there in one month, or year. To maintain your business, you need to have good sales and marketing skills to find clients and/or sell your products. You also need to know how to promote your skills, follow the market, and monitor your competition.

Similarly, you also need to be able to negotiate good rates and learn how to process and chase payments. And this is where the real hard work starts! Ensure you keep on top of all payments and have a system in place when that does not happen.