Career | Is your job holding you back?

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It’s easy to get comfortable in a job that you can easily do without any drama or hassle. But is this job holding you back from your true potential and ability?

An easy job that pays the bills and you can clock off without any stress or worries. For some, that is all they want from their career. And that is totally acceptable.

For others, however, it is not enough. While you may confidently complete all of your tasks and do your role with ‘your eyes closed,’ there is that sense of a lack of fulfilment.

Your job should serve you, not stifle you. There are many signs that this is the case for you.

One of the most obvious sign is that none of your ideas or opinions are welcome. Today, more employers are looking for engagement from their staff and that includes idea generation. If you believe your voice is not being heard or taken seriously, that is a definitive sign that this position and indeed company is holding you back.

We all need challenges in our job to make our roles more interesting and fulfilling. If there are no challenges or if you are thwarted every time you try to take on something bigger, you may need to reevaluate your position.

While you may be happy in your current role, moving up or a lateral move should still always be an option. There may come a time when you are bored or want to use your skills elsewhere and so that option should be on the table. If there is none, perhaps you should look elsewhere for a job.

Our appetite for learning should never stop, even if it’s small bits of information and teachings that may only make a small difference to your work or personal life. If you have have no one to learn from in your work environment, this is stifling your own personal development.

Finally, if you hate getting out of bed and going to work, your body and your mind are speaking to you. You need an environment that appreciates your skills and abilities, and somewhere where you can grow professionally and personally.