Career | Make a healthier working space

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We spend a considerable amount of time in our work environment without much consideration of its impact on our health and well being.

It’s natural to feel tired and sluggish after a long day at work. We tend to attribute this to stress, workload and the commute.

But there are many other factors that are not only affecting our well being, but also our health.

Creating a harmonious workspace, according to the experts, helps both productivity and overall health.

Having access to natural light, for instance, is important. A lack of natural light can have a negative influence on sleep quality. If accessing this is an issue, seek good indoor lighting.

Heating and cooling also plays a part. Ideally, the workplace should be no colder than 20 degrees Celsius. Fans or heaters can be used at times of particular hot or cold spells.

Poor air quality, meanwhile, can lead to allergies, respiratory health issues, headaches, tiredness and low staff productivity. Check that the air conditioning in your working space is in good order.

Many of us complain about bad posture from sitting in our desks for so long, and tend to forget about the long term impacts of this. Employers are investing and considering ergonomics more so ensure that your workstation is fit for purpose.  If possible, ask for standing desks as they are ideal for getting you upright for short periods of time during the day.

Research has also shown that plants in your workspace can improve productivity, increase your concentration and make you happier and less stressed. Plants can also clear any toxins in the air, making them a perfect natural air purifier.

Obviously, taking regular breaks and moving throughout the day can also play an important role in ensuring you remain healthy and happy!