Career | Negotiating your dream job offer

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The jobs may be more plentiful now thanks to the improving economy, but the contracts offered are not necessarily as good. We look at some of the ways you can negotiate your dream job offer.

After enduring the hard work of interviewing for your dream job, getting that final ‘you are hired’ call can be worth it all. That is until you get the job offer, and it is somewhat less than you initially hoped for.

Is the move really worth this offer? Will you be able to survive on this wage? All of a sudden, your dream job could turn into something of a headache and a bigger risk. Instead of walking away, negotiate with your potential employer on the offer. Thanks to improving market conditions, more employers are willing to negotiate to hire the best people for jobs so don’t be afraid to ask.

First, you need to research what is the industry standard for your position. Once you are armed with this information, it will be easier to ask for this pay level.

You also need to explain why you deserve what you are requesting, and give your reasoning behind it. For example, outline the skillset that you are bringing to the company or proven results on various projects and campaigns.

You need to remain professional and courteous through all of your negotiations. Being aggressive, demanding and appearing greedy could deter your boss from also following through with the contract. Keep outlining that you are still very interested and eager in this position position, but that you just want to be compensated properly for the move.

While some employers may not be a in position to offer higher pay, they may be able to offer additional benefits such as additional annual leave days.

Finally, do not just focus on the final salary. Why are you moving and what can this job offer you? Take into account travel, locations, role and opportunities for growth.