Career | Ready to accept that job offer? Just wait…

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When that long awaited job offer arrives, many of us feel under pressure to just be grateful and accept what is being presented. That is the first mistake we are making.

When that call finally comes, it is all too easy to just accept that job offer. It is only after our initial excitement that we tend to question the contract offer and terms and conditions.

Before you quit your current role, it’s important to get that job offer in writing with your job title, responsibilities and compensation. Find out what other offerings you are entitled to such as health cover and annual leave. If you are unhappy with the deal being offered, now is the time to negotiate and ensure it is in writing.

You also need to get a full job description, and a comprehensive list of your responsibilities and deliverables. This is important when discussing performance reviews or in the case of your managers leaving their position.

Get an insight into who held the position before you, and why it is not vacant. If it is a new position, ask why there is a need for this role and what their expectations are and how it will be funded.

Look up who works in the company via LinkedIn. If they are all advocates of the company by sharing stories and promoting the company, that is a good sign.

Always do a general search of the company online. You need to find out the financial position of the company, or its structure. If new investors are on board, for example, will this have an impact on your role?  

All of these snippets of information will give you a greater understanding of not only the future of a potential employer, but your own role.