Career | Turning a temporary job into a permanent one

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A permanent job may the ultimate goal, but you should not dismiss the opportunities and long-term possibilities that a contract position holds.

When job hunting and searching for that fulfilling position, it is easy to dismiss contract roles when they arise.

For some, the idea of jumping from one short-term contract to another is off-putting, with many perceiving it as detrimental to your CV. However, the working world is changing. More employers are only offering temporary roles to truly see how potential employees integrate with their organisation.

Temporary roles also give job seekers the opportunity to acquire or develop new skills, while beefing up your own CV.

If you want to turn your temporary job into a permanent position, there are some things you can do to boost your chances.

Be reliable. This is one of the most important attributes employers look for. Turn up for work on time and if possible, stay late if requested. You need to show that you can be trusted to complete the work you are assigned every time, that you can work with team members, and on your own initiative.

Make yourself indispensable. Identify opportunities where you can volunteer your services or create ideas to help them achieve results. This can also help you broaden your own skillset.

Be a team player. Volunteer to help your colleagues wherever possible, be positive and act as a team player to help boost your chances.

Go the extra mile and take the initiative. Be as proactive as possible and take the initiative when you are confident in doing so. With all of your projects or pieces of work, ensure it is done to the highest possible standard. Make suggestions on how the team and its workings can be improved and more efficient.

Make your voice heard, and your actions louder when in a contract position.