Career | Why you need to take that break at work

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We are continually told that we should take a break during the working day. But why is it so important?

For some employees, taking the required amount of time for lunch is a luxury. Even taking a quick 15 minute break is an escape.

When you are ‘in the zone’ on a project or facing a deadline, the mere suggestion of taking a break can increase your anxiety levels.

We know we should take a break, but why is it so important?

Naturally, a break can help you to re-focus and concentrate better as you tackle another task. Taking the time to eat fuels your body, and gives you the energy boost required to get through the rest of the day.

There are, however, other reasons.

How many times have you grabbed a sugary snack or calorie-laden wrap as a short-term fuel fix? Research has shown that eating whilst continuing to work can lead to ‘mindless eating,’ which can lead to workers overeating or eating the wrong foods. Coupled with a lack of exercise, this bad behaviour can lead to the risk of gaining weight and or health problems.

Do you like working in a dirty environment? If you eat at your desk, you are making your workspace dirty. Desks and keyboards often harbour high levels of bacteria and any food dropped onto computer keyboards can actually feed these bacteria.

Making the effort to get up and walk around can help prevent the onset of disorders as a result of prolonged poor posture. Sitting for long periods can also potentially lead to deep vein thrombosis.

Taking that deserved walk outside can also help your mood. Catching the sun rays stimulates the body to produce vitamin D and encourage the production of serotonin, the hormone that plays an important part in the regulation of mood.