Careers | Search tips for your dream job

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Looking for a job can take up more time and effort than your current role. Therefore, it is important that your search is specific, efficient and fruitful.

You could spend days or even weeks searching and applying for a new job, especially when you tweak your CV and cover letter for each position.

The stress and effort involved often leads to many giving up on their job hunt, conceding defeat to the frustrating process. The issue is often the search process, not the application.

Many of the best jobs on the market are not advertised. Instead, they are filled by word of mouth, headhunting or internal recruitment. Use your network of friends in other companies that you are actively seeking a new role. Be specific on what role you are looking for and check in regularly for updates.

Draw up a ‘wishlist’ of the top companies that you would like to work for and target them. Contact their HR department, outlining the roles you are looking for and submit your CV. Ensure to follow up every month to check if they have any availability.

Ideally, you want to be headhunted. Post your CV on industry specific websites, and ensure your LinkedIn account is up to date and perfect. Make yourself an expert in your industry by writing a blog or posting positive content on social media platforms. Connect with peers and influencers that may be helpful to your career move.

Networking is getting to know people who help you develop your career prospects. Attend industry events, socials or conferences that may be helpful. Identify influencers that may be potential leads and impress them with your personality and skillset.

Networking, as well as the job search, can be frustrating. If certain strategies are not working, try alternative methods.