Careers | What to consider before changing jobs

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Are you bored and seeking a new challenge? Or are you being lured by a tempting offer for a similar role? Switching jobs can be exciting, yet daunting. So, what should you consider before making the big move?

Everyone is in search of that dream job, with many hoping that their next role is the one to fulfill all of these aspirations and hopes.

But, as most people have experienced, that dream role can often turn into a nightmare. All of a sudden, the bigger pay packet is not worth the additional stress. The new work colleagues are off-standish and the job description is not as you were led to believe.

So, how can you avoid making making your next step a bad one? First, do your homework. Ireland is a small place, and there are bound to be ex and current employees that you or someone knows of. Ask why they departed, or why they are staying?  Also, check out the company’s performance overall. Check all published articles to see if there is any mentions of expansion, job cuts or mergers and acquisitions.

Here is a checklist of items that you should ask before you take the plunge;

  • From your initial observation of the workplace, how did people interact? What was the atmosphere like?
  • Will you be able to advance? Will the new company pay for professional development courses, or any other educational qualifications that may benefit you and the company?
  • How many holiday and sick days will you receive annually? What is the process of taking paid leave? Are all of your days lumped together in one pool of paid time off or can you take the days sporadically?
  • What is the employer’s policy on leave for the birth or adoption of a child or the illness of a close family member? Can you take additional time off if the need arises?
  • Will your new commute be more time-consuming or expensive than your old one?
  • How will the new job fit into your lifestyle? Will the job interfere with more important commitments or priorities in your life?
  • Does the new job put you closer to achieving your long-term goals?
  • Does the company offer any health plans?
  • Is there a retirement savings scheme?

Once you have exhausted all of these issues, it is then that you decide whether to take the plunge. Best of luck!