Celebrity | Get Supermodel legs for Summer

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After months of hiding beneath tights and jeans, it is almost time for us to show our legs off for Summer. Are you ready?

Are you brave enough to show off your legs this Summer? Fret not; most women feel the same. Unless you are blessed to have toned and beautifully bronzed, long legs, most of us fear showcasing our pins to the world.

So how do women do it? They fake it. Obviously. Now is the time to start exfoliating your legs twice a week to rid of any dry spots on knees or ankles. If you are tight on cash, make your own. After exfoliating, it’s important to lock in moisture with creams, body butters or oils. And do this straight after you shower as your pores are more open and so willing to absorb any moisture.  If you want to build up a light colour, there are many moisturising creams with a small shimmer to highlight the skin.

The debate is still out on some firming lotions; some swear by their ability to help tone your skin while others feel they have no effect. But they are worth a try if you want to tighten the skin on your legs.

Alternatively, increase your focus on toning your legs through exercise. Squats and lunges are the ultimate toners for thighs while walking regularly helps to build up strength.

One little trick that many supermodels use to highlight their legs is wearing nude toned shoes. This tone can elongate your leg more than a dark colour.

With the hope of good weather and ability to wear some fashionable pieces, we cannot afford to not focus on our legs this Summer!