The cost of sending your kids to school

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School may have only just broken up for the summer a couple of weeks ago but the shops are already stocking up with ‘back to school’ materials. Many parents of school going children are already looking ahead to the back to school shopping season and the challenges it brings for family finances as shopping for uniforms and new books can be a significant financial burden on the family budget.

The Irish League of Credit Unions has taken a look at just what the costs for both primary and secondary school children are and is reminding parents to avoid moneylenders at all costs, to shop around for best value and to plan a budget and stick to it where possible.

In the recent survey by the Irish League of Credit Unions, it seems parents believe extra curricular activities are the biggest expense during the school year – with the average extra curricular activities costing €189 for primary students and €180 for secondary.

School uniforms came in as the second highest expense for parents, with the average costing €145 for primary and €234 for secondary, followed by school books – €94 for primary and €214 for secondary.

So if you are experiencing financial pressure when it comes to getting your kids prepared to go back to school, you’re not on your own. 81% of parents of school going children (primary and secondary) feel that the costs of sending their kids back to school is a significant financial burden and approximately 31% of parents tend to get themselves into debt to cover this cost.