Energy saving tips for the summer

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If you’re in the midst of saving for something big or just struggling to pay the bills, you might be glad to hear that summertime is actually one of the best times to save money – particularly when it comes to saving on energy bills. So not only do we get a few nice days of sunshine, a weekend or two away, and a chance to get a few extra freckles, but we can save a bit of extra cash too. This is another reason that summer is our favourite season!

So here are 7 ways you can cut down on your energy usage this summer and lower your bills – every little helps.

Dry your clothes outside

This might sound like an obvious one, but when you get into the habit of throwing everything in the tumble dryer during the winter, you forget that a ‘good drying day’ does the job in just a couple of hours. Plus you’re giving your dryer a break too – less electricity and prolonging its life at the same time.

Wear less clothes

Shoes that don’t require socks and throwing on one layer instead of the usual five – if we get good weather, we don’t need as many clothes as we do during winter which means our laundry baskets don’t fill up as fast. Less use of the washing machine and less work for us too.

Dine outdoors

Food al fresco always tastes better and you tend to cook less when you’re eating outside too. Besides the usual BBQ options, it’s fresh breads, coleslaw, olives and cheese – options that don’t require use of the oven. Try and choose healthy options that can be eaten fresh while you’re making the most of the outdoors – and save your good crockery too by choosing paper plates and plastic cutlery. Particularly if you’re having guests over. It will help you give your dishwasher a night off.

Natural light

With the longer evenings and bright mornings, it’s only natural that you’re already saving on the amount of electricity you’re using. Just be diligent about turning off lights in rooms you’re not using –  use the summer as a time to really minimise lighting usage.

Give the heating a break

This is not always possible, since summertime in Ireland can still be chilly. But try as much as you can to avoid using your heating system. With longer day light hours, if the sun is out it should heat up your home through the windows, and the longer evenings mean you get out and about more, relying less on your couch and a cosy sitting room.

Beach waves are in

It’s the one time of year you can get away with the natural ‘beachy’ wave look for your hair. Skip the hair dryer when you’re washing your hair and the other electric styling utensils and let your hair dry naturally. We know the natural kink or bit of fuzz doesn’t always look so ‘beachy’ but there are tons of new hair products every day promising a beach wave so now might be the time to give one a go.

Unplug before you travel

Even when switched off, many electric appliances suck small amounts of energy that can really add up. So if you’re heading away for a few days or weeks, make sure all electric appliances are turned off properly, including TVs, DVD players and computers.