Family | Avoid raising a lazy child

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No one is expecting any child to walk three miles to school like the old days, but there is the fear that technology is helping us to raise a generation of lazy children. So how can we avoid it?

We want to do everything for our children to help them get along in life. We help with their homework, encourage them to do more after-school activities and embrace their ability to use technology to better themselves.

But some children get too used of our help. When things go missing, instead of looking for it, they seek our help. Why walk the 200 yards to the shop for essentials when mum or dad will drive? Chores? What chores?

While your child may be ‘busy’ with other things, do they spend much of their time at home stuck in a screen and unwilling to help? Don’t fret. That is fairly common in today’s household.

Changing the Tide

So how can you change the tide so your child does not have that sense of entitlement, and snap out of that lazy mode?

Children need to know the value of work and chores is the easiest way to teach them this, even at a small age. They should be able to make their bed, do dishes, put their clean clothes away etc.

Children pick up on the bad habits of their elders. If you leave a room cluttered and throw things around, they will accept this as normal behaviour. Be more mindful of what you do, and make sure to demonstrate to them how much work is involved in various chores and how to do it correctly.

Unfortunately, it is hard to motivate some children to do anything without an incentive. If they want a new toy or go somewhere, use that as an opportunity to instil a good work ethic. Assign various chores or set out a level you want them to achieve at school if they are being lazy at school work.