Family | What your babysitter needs to know

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Finding a babysitter that you trust is the hard part. The information and details you give to your minder, however, is just as important. We look at what your babysitter needs to know for peace of mind for you all. 

Once you find that trustworthy and kind babysitter, you do not want them to let them go. And while you want to do everything to please your  sitter, you need to ensure they have all the information and tools to help them.

Having your own contact information is not enough. What if you do not hear your phone, or misplace it? Leave alternative numbers for trusted family members or friends that are nearby. Always let them know where you will be and touch base every few hours to ensure everything is alright.

Children love routines and hence why you spent so long putting one in place. Having a babysitter should not derail this plan. Write down the details for your sitter so that they can work around it. This should primarily include sleeping and eating times.

If you have a toddler, share some insights into how you soothe the child at times of distress, such as a particular lying position or if they need to be rocked to sleep. If it’s older children, do you have favourite books or toys that you use to calm them at times of tantrums? Share all of this information.

More importantly, you need to share what triggers these tantrums such as certain types of food.

Make your babysitter comfortable in your home by giving them a detailed tour of each room and outlining where all the essentials are such as nappies, toys and food. And always keep a first aid box in an easy-to-reach place.

Such things will give your babysitter confidence, and you peace of mind.