Family | Breaking a child’s bad eating habits

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Most adults will admit the struggle to breaking bad food habits. So, one can only imagine how hard it is for children to give up the treats and other naughty bad habits they have picked up.

Bad habits, at any age, are hard to break. That mid-week glass of wine. Staying up late at night. When we get used of doing something, it is harder to give up.

While children are younger and more adaptable to things, they naturally find it difficult to also give up bad habits.

So, how can you help them break a child’s bad eating habits? Confronting the bad habits is the first recommended step. Is it the dishes you make? Is it the bad routine?

If they are not eating vegetables, for example, how can you correct that? There are many recipes that allows you to sneakily add vegetables to dishes without even your child noticing!

Leading by example is an obvious method. If you are trying to stop your child from eating biscuits or sweets, you cannot be gorging on such treats in front of them. Children copy behaviour – both good and bad – from parents and other adults. Be mindful of what you are eating around them.

Having a set meal time every day. This creates consistency in their diet. This way, they know what to eat and eliminated the urge to snack. If you are going on long trips, have a prepacked lunch and snacks to alleviate the urge to stop at fast food places or to get snacks.

It is just as important to prepare home cooked meals. This way, you can create healthy dishes that are packed with the nutrients required for children.

Finally, do not give up or concede defeat. Children can be quite persuasive when they want to be but you need to persevere to kick those bad habits.