Family | Can you keep your toddler busy?

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Once toddlers start getting mobile and want to explore everything, they can be very hard to keep entertained and focused. We look at some of the best ways to keep your toddler busy, and you happy.

Past the age of being carried around and too young to be self-entertained, the toddler age is undoubtedly the hardest for parents.

They want to explore and touch and try everything, but need your guidance to ensure they don’t break all in front of them. And don’t even mention the teething pain that dictates their daily mood.

Keeping a toddler entertained is difficult, especially as their attention span can be quite short. Have a number of different activities always planned so they can easily hop from one to another without any drama.

Let them know what they can do next so they don’t have time to think about it, such as building blocks. However, do not bring everything out at once. Keep activities limited to one at a time so you have enough to keep them engaged and busy all day.

Use their own playing time to teach how to clean-up. Let them know that in order to move on to the next activity, they have to clean up after the first one.

Toddlers love water, and mess. Fill a basin with soap and water and let them wash their plastic dishes. Similarly, allow them to help baking so they can see the fruits of working hard to create something tasty.

Kids love playing dress-up. Take out some old items of clothing that you don’t mind if they get dirty or mangled. This can be also great entertainment for you!

Building a fort is another favourite. Let their imagination run wild and allow them  to use the soft furnishings in your living room into a fort. On a rainy day, you can put a blanket down on the floor and even have a picnic.