Family | Are you stifling your child’s creative side?

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With so much emphasis on nurturing our children to be technologically savvy, we tend to forget about our child’s creative ability. So are you stifling your child’s creative side?

In a world full of apps and screens, it is easy to forget about the simple pleasure of creative work. Nurturing your child’s creative side is just as important than encouraging their ability at sports, technology or other activities.

While we believe we are giving them the tools – screens, for example – to allow children a good head start in their future careers, we could be doing more harm than good. We tend to forget that communication, interpersonal and social intelligence are of greater importance when developing in life, and career.

So, do you foster or hinder your child’s creative side? For some, they may be suppressing it without even knowing.

Do you hate mess? Children need to be able to make a mess. This is part of them seeing how things fit together and work. Allow them to explore and use items creatively, such as paper, markers, objects from around the house. Give them the space and time to make, break and create.

To ensure our children excel in something, or everything, we sign them up for every possible class during their free time. While this trial and error approach is good and beneficial, it is vital to ensure that they have time to actually play. It is during play where the mind is allowed freedom.

As mentioned, screen time can have its benefits depending on age. Too much time, however, is not healthy. They need the outside air and space for their own mental and physical development.

With children, it’s all about choices. Its pasta or burgers. It’s the park or the swimming pool. Allow children the time to come up with their own options. You may be surprised – both good and bad- at what they come up with.

Making mistakes and a mess is all about unleashing their creative side. You may think them drawing outside of lines or using incorrect colours is wrong but if it works for them, then it works. Avoid the temptation to correct them at every turn.