Fashion | Cheating your way to become taller

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Not everyone is blessed with legs that stretch on forever. We look at the best ways you can cheat your way to looking taller.

Being petite has many advantages, but sometimes you just want to look taller. While there is nothing you can do about your height, you can work with your wardrobe and enhance your look to give the perception of being taller.

High waisted jeans are your best friends when you are petite. High waisted skirts, shorts and trousers will elongate your legs to your advantage. Tuck a pretty blouse or work shirt into your pieces to create a sophisticated look. If you are worried that such a trick makes you look bigger, tuck just the front of the shirt in so that you appear taller from the front.

Platform shoes are the most comfortable and best shoes for height. Platform heels can add a couple of inches while providing less of an arch and struggle while you walk around.

High heels, of course, are another saving grace to appear taller. A classic heel with a platform is great for a night out.

Colour blending is another common trick. By matching your heel colour to your jeans or trousers, your legs appear longer. Avoid any boots that reach up to your shin as that makes you look shorter.

For your summer wardrobe, stock up on maxi dresses and pair with sandals or wedges. They look great on short girls and are the ultimate comfort and cool dress.

Crop tops are another cheat way to look longer as they make your torso appear shorter and elongates your legs, especially when matches with high waisted bottoms. There are many elegant and classic crop tops now available in high street shops so do not be afraid to try them on.

Avoid too much fabric as this looks baggy and does not complement you, especially long or heavy clothes.