Fashion | Tips to plan your Autumn Winter wardrobe

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We may not have got much use out of our summer wardrobe but we can be sure that we will get some wear from our autumn and winter clothes. And now is the time to get your wardrobe ready for seasonal change.

The season where you can actually buy and enjoy the clothes you want is upon us. Yes, its the great autumn winter season.

We no longer have to feel guilty about wearing dark colours, layers and jackets and fully embrace the beauty of the autumnal wardrobe.

To get you in the mood for season, you should get your autumn winter wardrobe in shape. 

First, clean out your wardrobe. This allows you to evaluate all that you have. Donate or sell anything that has not been worn in the last 12 months, or if it no longer fits you. Curate a list of all the items you do not have enough of or need to update. Identify key investment pieces you need and budget for them, like shoes or a black dress.

If you like to follow seasonal trends, now is the time to do your research to see what you want to buy. The 70s and 80s influence is big this season so check out what your favourite stores have in this selection. Doing a little research now  will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

The perfect wardrobe should not only reflect your personal style but also your personal lifestyle. Look at your schedule for the coming months to see what you need. What activities will you need outfits for? Group your clothing into categories to work out roughly how many outfits you need for the season.

For convenience and practicality, the majority of what you wear should be in a neutral colour palette of blacks, greys, whites and nudes. This allows for optimal mixing and matching which will keep your wardrobe feeling fresh.

Aim to have a small wardrobe of high quality pieces and low cost essentials that blend well together to create your own personal style.

Buy only what you love, not just because it is on trend. And remember have fun with your wardrobe!