Food Blogs To Read This Weekend

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The weekend is the perfect time to rustle up some new recipes in the kitchen, when you have more time to spend exploring new ingredients and trying out a few new meals. And there’s no shortage of inspiration either, especially with the number of food blogs popping up across the internet these days. So take a few hours this weekend to work on your recipe repertoire – here are a few of our favourite food blogs to get you started.

The Little Green Spoon

Indy Power is one of the biggest food bloggers in the country with hundreds of recipes, nutritional tips and baking discoveries, as well as a pretty impressive Instagram page. Whether you’re looking for healthy options for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or something a bit different for dessert, Indy’s blog is all about keeping it wholesome and healthy, without sacrificing on flavour.


Men moved from the streets of New York to the small roads of the Irish Countryside where she married an Irish farmer and kicked off her food blog. With everything from lamb and lentil salads to banoffee crepe cakes and elderflower cocktails, she’s also got a cookbook out too. Well worth a read!

Nessa Robins 

Nessa’s Family Kitchen blog is all about wholesome food styled beautifully all from an Irish kitchen. With her recipes ranging from curried egg salads to wild garlic and baked ham champ, there is tons of  opportunities to get inspired.