Food | Crack the food cravings

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When a food craving hits, we tend to think of nothing else. And when you are trying to be good and healthy, fighting those cravings are increasingly difficult.

The Friday night glass of wine. The quick McDonald’s on a long road trip. The post-night out feast of everything.

When a food craving hits, many of us can only last so long before we concede defeat and munch our way through our ‘we should not be having this’ food.

These cravings tend to hit more when you are trying to stay on the right track and be healthy. While you may have given up before, you can fight off these feelings of longing for ‘naughty’ foods.

Face the craving and food directly. Ask yourself whether you really must have the food that you want? Make statements to reconfirm your decision not to give into your craving. “I know I’m not hungry, I don’t have to eat a food every time I think of it.” Say it and walk away.

Substitute the image of the food with a better one, such as that dress you want to fit into or thought of you lying on a beach in nice swimwear. If you have a motivating factor to stay healthy, focus on that.

Engage in activities that will keep your hands busy so you are not reaching out for that food. Make a call, go for a walk or take a bath. Do anything but eat.

We tend to succumb to cravings when we are hungry. Set out your meal plans and always carry healthy snacks in your bag to keep hunger at bay.

If you do give in, have it in a small quantity. Go for the smaller bag of chips, pizza or low-fat option crisps. Quantity matters when giving into those naughty treats.