Food | Foods to heal a sore throat

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Do you suffer from a sore throat every so often, or a lot? Instead of choosing over-the-counter solutions, researchers say we should jazz up our diet to ease the pain.

It always happens at the most unfortunate time, and can irritate you endlessly. Everyone, at some stage in their lives, suffers from a sore throat.

Soothing lozenges and gargling salt and water are the traditional methods to help heal the pain. However, there are so many more that can be a lot more effective.

While unpleasant, mixing ground garlic and ginger with honey and lemon in warm water can be a quick remedy. The garlic, lemon and ginger helps destroy the bacteria causing the pain, while the honey is a universal healing agent.

A nicer tasting alternative is a bowl of chicken soup. This dish, loaded with garlic, onion and chilli,  acts as an anti-inflammatory potion while also provides the necessary energy boost to help clean your nasal canal.

The ever versatile Apple Cider Vinegar is another magical cure. Mix a tablespoon of the vinegar and tablespoon of honey in a warm cup of water. This mix lubricates the throat and, in time, helps heal the infection.

Bananas are another great weapon against sore throats. As well as being easy to eat, they provide the necessary ingredients – vitamin B6, Potassium, vitamin C – to help repair the tissues in the throat.

Interestingly, consuming carrots can have the same effect. They contain a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C that can help repair the damaged tissue.

The steam inhalation of eucalyptus oil is also recommended. Add two drops to a bowl of warm water and allow your nose and mouth inhale the mix. As it is a natural healing agent, eucalyptus has a great penetrating and coating ability which can calm your inflamed throat.