Food | Love lunch wraps but not the fat?

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Lunch wraps that contain more calories than a kebab or pizza; we are still reeling from Safefood’s recent research about our perceived healthier lunch. 

Wraps, for many, are the easiest, tastiest and healthier alternative to those dirty bread sandwiches. Indeed, one in three Irish people were happily munching under the same belief that wraps are the healthier lunchtime choice. That was until a few days ago.

According to a new Safefood study, shop bought wraps were shown to have extremely high levels of fat and salt. In some cases, wraps contained 72% of a person’s daily recommended intake of salt.

And it is our favourite choices – chicken and salad, chicken caesar salad and chicken tikka and salad – that are the primary calorie culprits. These varieties all contained high levels of salt — 49% of an adult’s recommended daily amount, 54% of the recommended amount, and 72%, respectively. Throw in a soft drink and a bag of crisps, and the calorie count increases to almost 1,400!

Here are a few of our wrap tips that you should consider when stocking up at lunchtime.

  • Always opt for the smaller wrap size. Some wraps are so big that one wrap is actually two servings.
  • Ask for wholegrain or just opt for a salad box instead.
  • Pack your wrap with vegetables and salads. Adding these will make it more filling while also low in calorie count. Be creative by adding sprouts, shredded carrots, sliced sweet potato, roasted asparagus, and kale.
  • Watch the sauces and dressings. Swap the mayonnaise with a low-calorie dressing, while salsa and hummus are two healthier alternatives.
  • To cheese or not to cheese. When you want cheese, ask the deli attendant to slice it super thin. This will give you the flavour and creamy consistency you crave, but for fewer calories per slice.