Health | Best ways to feel healthier

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It’s that time of years when everyone is suffering from colds and sickness. Follow our tips to get back to feeling good, and even better than before.

There is no escaping the threat of colds and flus this season. When we battle sickness, we focus on all the foods and medications that can help make us better. And then we get better, and old habits kick back in.

There are some things you can do to not only make you feel good again, but better than ever before.

Your body needs to be fit and healthy to feel good, and to counteract sickness. Your flexibility begins to wane from your 20s onwards as connective tissues stiffen, muscles shorten and joints become drier. Daily stretching and mobilising will help keep you mobile. It is just as important to stretch after exercising.

Slow your pace of life down. All our running and racing has an impact on our physical and mental well being, and could lead to burnout over time. Take some time out for yourself and relax each day.

Many of us do not get enough sleep and so spend much of our time feeling tired and lacking in energy. It also means that we function below par – both physically and mentally. Aim to get at least between seven and night hours sleep per night.

Eating the right foods is just as important to fuel your body. Eating more fruit and vegetables is one of the simplest things you can do to enhance your health. Opt for different coloured foods when you can.

Consuming lots of processed and highly-refined foods full of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives is harmful to our overall health. Junk foods, carbonated drinks and all those treats, as such, should only ever be eaten in moderation.

Such small changes in your life can make a huge difference to your well being.