Health | The fitness mistakes we all make

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In an ideal world, it would take just a few trips to the gym a week to turn us all into fitness fanatics. However, the pursuit of getting fit the right way takes a lot more than that.

Most of us would all love to be fit. To be able to run after the kids without feeling out of breath or endure a spin class without wanting to collapse after the warm up is a dream for many.

Being fit, as we all know, is key to a long and healthy life. However, achieving that level of comfort without pain is not easy. And it takes more than signing up to a gym and going to the odd class.

Unfortunately, Roy Keane was right. If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. Whatever your fitness target is, you need a plan in place to track your progress, challenge your workouts and help you develop. For example, there are many couch to 5k plans online that provides a weekly plan of what you need to achieve to run that distance.

Once you hit a good stride in your fitness, it is easy to go overboard and exercise excessively to ‘maximise’ on your good roll. Too much exercise, however, can lead to injury, boredom, lack of motivation and a fitness regime that gradually fizzles out. Rest is just as important as a good fitness plan as you need your body to heal and your muscles to repair. It’s all about training smarter, not harder.

It is also just as easy to get stuck in a fitness rut. And while you may be perfecting some of your muscles, others are getting no workout. Variety is essential to keep all of your body and mind working.

It’s important to seek advice when you start a fitness programme. This will provide you with the right techniques and plans to ensure you do not get injured, especially when joining a gym and using new equipment.

Getting fit is all about being training smart, not too hard.