Health | Kitchen tips to keep you healthy

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When you try to eat healthily, temptation seems to be always around and especially in the kitchen area. We look at how you can make a few tweaks to ensure your kitchen space keeps you on the right track.

Keeping on track when trying to be healthy is hard. This is especially true when you are surrounded by all sorts of naughty foods or easy options that distract you from your mission.

After a long day at work or racing around, it is too easy to just pick up the first item we see in the kitchen. Unfortunately, most of those items are calorie-laden snacks or processed items.

As such, it is important to keep as many healthy food options more accessible such as a filled fruit bowl or chopped vegetables in the fridge.

Just as putting healthy foods in prominent positions can help your diet, putting away the bad stuff is just as important. Banning junk food from the house is the easiest solution but not always feasible. If you do need to stock treats in the house, hide them away in awkward locations such as locked drawers, outside in the garage or freeze them until required.

When we are hungry, we tend to overload our plates. Portion size is imperative when trying to be healthy. Swap your plates, bowls and glasses for smaller ones, which should help control your serving sizes as well as how quickly you eat.

Spices are essential in all healthy eating plans while also key to fighting diseases. Make sure your spice rack is stocked up with all varieties to add flavour without extra calories to your dishes.

Getting the motivation to cook healthy meals can be hard, especially when the kitchen space is disorganised. You will be more inspired if your kitchen space is clean and setup to allow you to get cooking straight away instead of reaching for the takeaway menus or naughty treats.