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There is something very authentic and fresh about country style. And you do not need to live in a country cottage to achieve that look as we discover. 

When we think of country style, images of old fashioned trinkets and rustic furnishings come to the forefront of our imagination.

Cottage living may be the natural setting for this style but that does not mean it can not be incorporated into a modern, urban home. Indeed, if you think your home or even rooms lack character or soul, adding some elements of country style can soften the decor and make it more inviting.

The word comfort is often associated with country spaces. To add this level of country comfort to your modern space, focus on the soft furnishings and fabrics. Opt for cotton and linen when choosing throws and cushions, while a huge inviting rug can catch the eye and store heat. 

For the bedroom, keep the colour palette simple by using just one or two colours. Use varying tints and shades of these colours to add variety. For example, grey and taupe accessories work well in a room that is crisp white.

Modern kitchens tend to be all about sleek lines and minimal spaces. Add some personal style and a country touch with a simple open shelf for select pieces. It’s important to keep it simple, such as a collection of large and small mason jars for baking ingredients.

Wood is a big feature of country style. Look for single feature pieces, such as a console table, and accessories that are made from natural materials to add accent to a room.

Similarly, distressed and or vintage furniture has the same effect. Less is more when doing this so opt for some key pieces, such as a chair or coffee table.

Country style is not just for country living.