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No one wants their house to be germ-infested and hence why we spend so much time cleaning the toilets and other ‘high risk’ areas. That is our first mistake, according to the experts.

When we think of areas that are prone to dirty germs in our homes, we often think of the key areas such as toilet, kitchen sink or bedroom floors.

However, we need to think beyond that. And in more areas, according to cleaning experts. One of the first mistakes we make is not cleaning regularly. Most homes should be cleaned on a weekly basis. And this includes bed linen and towels. You should also wash or dry clean duvets and pillows at least once a month to control pollen and dust mites.

Not many people like cleaning but rushing it can mean leaving some scary germs behind. Take the time to move furniture, rugs and other items to ensure you clean all surfaces thoroughly. Your cleaning products also need time to dissolve and work to kill bacteria and other organisms. This depends on the product, but it can take between one and three minutes.

As mentioned, we tend to focus on germ hot spots in the house such as the toilet. Others include door and fridge handles, light switches, faucet taps, computer keyboards, telephone hard pieces, kitchen utensils, rubbish bin lids, chopping boards and water storage containers. We should be cleaning these items frequently, preferably once a day.

Not taking care of your cleaning equipment is also detrimental to a clean house. Change your vacuum bags regularly and remove debris from your brushes. Clean the mops, sponges and cleaning cloths after each use to avoid spreading around more dirt next time you clean.

Our hands are the biggest spreaders of germs in the home, and frequent hand washing with soap and water is still one of the best weapons we have for staying healthy.