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Show-stopping exterior lights may be perceived as ‘naff’ but tasteful exterior festive decorations are back with a bang this year.

Throwing a thousand twinkling coloured lights and a few plastic snowmen, santas and reindeers used to be enough to light up the exterior of your home and garden.

That look, however, simply does not cut it anymore. Whether it’s the mammoth post-Christmas electricity bill or ‘overkill look,’ we are veering more towards a less is more appearance with a touch of understated elegance.

If you still want to add that something different to your garden, why not try the solar-powered figures such as reindeers? While they are available in various colours, white adds that touch of glamour to your home and looks more like art installation pieces than just Christmas decorations.

Make the most of your front door by adding a rustic theme with a classic wreath made of moss and lichen-covered twigs. A few red berries dotted through it adds a subtle festive touch.

Indeed, evergreens stationed around the front of the house takes it to another level. Place the small trees in silver buckets or an old wheelbarrow for added effect.

Alternatively, add large lanterns to the front of the house. You can also decorate them with some greenery around the base.

Waiting for a letter from Santa? Place a traditional mailbox at your door or at the gate and add a pretty swag of pine tied on the wire to make it stand out.

Candy cane may be an American sweet but as it’s widely available here you could place some large pieces in a can or vase at the front door. Add some festive ribbon around it to showcase

Instead of throwing lights all over a three, you could lay coiled Christmas light strands on top of soil then insert branches and dried weeds to create a bushlike appearance.