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Unfortunately, an alarm system is not solely enough to detract burglars from entering your home. We look at some of the things you can do to enhance the security of your home.

An alarm system is a great deterrent in every home but it simply may not be enough to prevent opportunistic burglars.

This is especially the case when the house is unoccupied, such as when you are on holidays. Not broadcasting that you are away for a period of time on social media accounts and getting a neighbour to regularly check on your property is recommended.

It has long been said that burglars do not fear alarms. They have the know-how to work around them and the speed to escape before authorities arrive. However, it is known that many burglars are more fearful of dogs as it is they that cause the noise to waken and alert others in the vicinity.

If you want to test the security of your house, lock yourself out of the house and try to get back in without a key. If you can, then a burglar can. Ensure all doors and windows have strong locks, especially the patio doors as they are notoriously easy for burglars to access.

An unlit house with no car outside is an open invitation to thieves. When out for the evening, it’s a good idea to leave a light on and or keep the radio on.

If you are out in the evenings, leave a light on so that it appears someone is in the house. Sensor lighting, or any external lights, is always a good idea as it highlights the house, and people around the house.

Gravel is another deterrent as its quite noisy while keep your hedges and shrubbery well clipped as they act as a hiding place for burglars.