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Nothing oozes a family’s personality and adds an eye-catching feature to a home than statement wallpaper. But the wrong choice can quickly turn your house more ugly than unique.

Striking and unique may be the look you are aspiring to with statement wallpaper, but it does not always work out the way you envisage. Just because monochrome is on-trend, for instance, that does not mean it works well in a room filled with antique items.

There a few rules and factors that you should consider before finally picking the key design. For example, if you are set on monochrome, you could soften the overall scheme with natural wood tones in your furniture and soft furnishings. Paint the woodwork black to frame your feature wall, thus turning it into a work of art.

Most importantly, pick a theme and stick to it. If it is floral, you should carry through the theme with accessories, candles and hard furniture.

If you are not sure how statement wallpaper will look in your room, do the lower half of the wall and you can paint the top half in a complementary colour tone. You could also pick a wallpaper featuring different shades of the same colour to create a subtle but striking feature wall rather than overwhelming the space.

A strong print can be toned down by breaking it up into framed panels. This allows for more white space, which softens the look. You can run the panels across the entire room or do them on a single wall.

To break up a papered wall, you can also place your furniture and artwork in strategic positions around the edge of the room.

One big trend of late has been the addition of wallpaper to furniture. From console tables to sliding closet doors, you can cover them in statement wallpaper for a real unique offering.