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Sustainable. Cheap. And delicious. What is not to love about growing your own food? We look at the best tips to get started.

  • Planning Matters. One of the biggest mistakes novice gardeners make is not doing their homework on what they can grow. Before you start planting, you need to know what spots get the most or less sunshine and how much drainage or irrigation is needed. Do a wishlist of vegetables and other foods you want to grow and seek advice from your local gardening centre of what is achievable with your space and resources. What works well together? What should not be placed side by side? These are the questions you need to ask the experts.
  • Prepare the soil. You will achieve an edible garden if you match the plants with the type of soil you have, especially if that soil is healthy and fertile. If your soil is not up to scratch, you can improve it with drainage or nutrients such as compost or other fertilisers.
  • Keep pests and pets away. There are many ways to prevent pests and pets eating into your efforts, such as physical fencing and non-toxic products for insects. Most gardening shops have products you can sprinkle around your plants to deter pests.
  • Money Matters. If you are planning to use your garden as your main source of food, crunch the fingers to ensure the investment in plants and maintenance outweighs the cost of purchasing such products from the shop. If you are trying it out, borrow tools from family or friends and plant a few foods to see if you will actually consume them.
  • Timing is right. You need to pick any food that is ripe and consume or freeze it. If you are planning to go away, get a garden sitter to ensure they water the plants and take up the food when ripe.