How to be productive on a Friday

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It’s Friday, our bodies think it’s already the weekend, we kind of agree, and nobody anywhere wants to get any work done. But if we spend the whole day procrastinating and dreaming about our weekend plans, we lose a day of productivity and increase the dreaded Monday work load too.

So here are a few tips to get more out of your Friday in the office. It’s worth a shot and might help the day go a bit faster too!

Leave your emails until the afternoon

Our energy dwindles towards the end of the week so by Friday, we’re usually left with little or none. Get the more difficult tasks over with on Friday morning so you can spend the afternoon getting back to emails and doing the more mundane, less energy consuming tasks later in the day when you no longer require too much brain power.

Plan meetings for Friday

If you’ve been waiting to meet with a few people, Friday is the day to plan it. There’s less distraction and you’ve no choice but stay focused, and if you’ve a number of meetings taking up your morning, Friday aftenoon will come a lot sooner.

Plan your week ahead out carefully

Check your calender for the following week and make suer you’re fully prepard for what might faceyou come Modnay morning. Plus, if you leave work on a Friday feeling well prepared and organised, you’ll feellike you’re more entitld to a relaxing weekend worry free.

Back up and update your computer

Those reminders have been popping up all week and you’ve been too busy to give up the extra few minutes it takes. Do it on a Friday – you’re doing a job that’s necessary and you’ll avoid having to deal with the same pop ups the following week.