Life Hacks: Put an End to Pots Boiling Over

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We have the hack to help you. 


Racing back to the kitchen to stop a pot of pasta, rice, potatoes – whatever it is – from boiling over and leaving you with a sticky, burnt mess all over the cooker is a race we’ve all ran more than once.


The fine line between simmering water and boiling for all it’s worth is a hard one to judge and we can’t always get it right.


So, we have a VERY simple life hack that will make this a thing of the past and all you need is a pot and a wooden spoon.


Here’s how it works…


Basically when the pot of water starts to boil, place your wooden spoon over the top. We would advise placing the wooden spoon towards one side of the pot rather than in the middle to avoid too much of the handle getting very hot.


When the water is boiling and the bubbles are rising, they will hit the wooden spoon and pop before they have a chance to boil over.


The wooden spoon won’t stop all disasters though, so it’s wise to still keep a good watch on all boiling pots and pans, but this little life hack is sure to bide you some time for those moments when you get distracted!