Lifestyle | Shortcuts to better health

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As with everything in life, we are always looking for shortcuts to make our lives less hectic and hard working. But can we take shortcuts to better health?

From apps to physical tools and equipment, we happily use everything that ensures we work more effectively.

Why look through all of unread mail when we can get an app to do all the hard work? Why spend hours hand mixing ingredients when an affordable blender can do the exact same thing, in less time and often resulting in better quality.

After a bout of indulgence or period of feeling unwell, we tend to look for the best shortcuts to get back on track. A healthy smoothie after a night out to help eradicate all the toxins. A five day cleanser after a two day splurge of eating unhealthy food. We always look for the quick fixes.

If you want better health and in a short period of time, knocking bad habits on the head is the only way to ensure success. Smoking is obviously the worst habit of all, and the most dangerous. Your chances of catching smoke related illnesses, such as cancer, radically reduces when you quit.

Prolonged periods and over consumption of alcohol can also heighten your risk of contracting diseases. Reducing  the amount to the weekly recommendations or having ‘drink free’ periods of time can help your health and well being.   

Eating late at night not only impacts your weight management. If you are eating late and then going straight to bed, your body cannot function properly to digest the food. This is what leads to heartburn and weight issues.

Eating healthy and right goes a long way for your health.

Nail biting can surprisingly have a big impact on your body. A nail biter often suffers from infection in both the nail and mouth area thanks to the spread of germs.

Any physical activity, including exercise, plays a big part in sustaining our long term health. A short walk daily or even doing housework can help get you moving today, and for the rest of your days.