Lifestyle | The hidden sugar that is hurting you

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It has been all about sugar consumption in recent weeks thanks to that insightful Sugar Crash documentary on RTE.

While we may think we are being good consuming less sugar, we are unconsciously eating a lot more thanks to the amount of hidden sugars in food.

The food manufacturers have everyone fooled, even those that perceive themselves as being very health conscious. Unfortunately, it is many of these so-called ‘low fat’ versions of products that are sweetened significantly to make them more palatable.

Our high intake of sugar has been linked to rising levels of obesity in this country, and especially amongst children. While we are conscious of not giving a child some chocolate as a treat, we think nothing of passing them a yogurt. Surprisingly, a fruit yogurt can contain around three spoons of sugar.

Cereal is another product that contains a lot of sugar, including the so-called high fibre brands. As an alternative, choose an oat-based breakfast option.

It can be difficult for some to consume water each day, and especially children. This is why fruit juices have long been used as that middle ground. Unfortunately, a lot of sugar is added to such juices for flavour.

Flavoured milk – such as Almond or Chocolate – have been on-trend of late thanks to their ability to repair muscles after training. While it’s good to have such high calcium products, take these in moderation.

Pasta sauces are also in this high sugar category so making your own is the best option if you want to keep that favourite Italian dish on your menu.

Many people do not associate savoury foods with sugar. Hamburger buns are the exception with many brands using sugar in their ingredients.

As with all products that you buy off the shelf, read the labels and be careful when it comes to the deadly sugar intake.