Lifestyle | Wake up and become a morning person

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The world’s most successful business and sporting people often attribute their abilities to waking up early, and getting their work done before everyone else.

Do you hit snooze four times, drag yourself out of bed and do not wake up until you have had a shower and two coffees? Not everyone has a spring in their step in the morning times. It is also harder to get motivated during these bleak winter mornings. But it is also not impossible.

The most obvious thing to do is to wake earlier. However, when your evenings are action packed with things to do finding the energy to rise earlier is naturally harder. As such, the last hour before you go to bed should be for unwinding and relaxing.

Aim to get up at least 10 minutes earlier every three days. You need your body to get used of this new routine so gradually build up the time to your desired time.

You need the proper fuel to kickstart your day, and not just copious amounts of coffee. After sleeping all night, your metabolism and blood sugar are at their lowest; we need a healthy breakfast to re-energise us. Yogurts, porridge and fruit are all good foods to get a high protein and calcium intake. Drink a water and lemon to detox your body before you get your caffeine hit.

Early morning exercises help boost the morning energy surge, and you will have elevated adrenalin levels for several hours after you exercise. Sign up for a class if you know you won’t have the motivation to do it yourself, or arrange to meet a friend for an early morning walk or jog.

Alternatively, use this time to do the things you enjoy and would like to dedicate more time to. This may be as simple as reading a blog or a newspaper, or catching up on emails. Reward yourself in any way for waking up earlier!