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Canadian cinema company ‘Cineplex’ have recently introduced ‘sensory friendly screenings’ for children with autism. 

The cinema can often be a challenging place for autistic children due to the loud volume of the movie, the dim lighting and the large crowds.

At new ‘sensory friendly screenings’ the volume is lowered, increased auditorium lighting is provided and the crowds are noticeably minimalized. Along with this, parents of autistic children have said that they feel much more comfortable at these screenings as they are not worrying that their child will disrupt the movie for others if they get agitated or noisy.

Here at Woman’s Way, we’ve done some research, and we have found that there are in fact cinemas in Ireland which offer a very similar ‘sensory friendly screening’. Movies at Dundrum and Movies at Swords advertise ‘special needs friendly screenings’ which allow people to move around the cinema as much as they like and make as much noise as they like, along with the same alterations to the cinema  as found in Canada.

Participating Odeon cinemas also provide the same ‘special needs friendly screenings’, and Odeon cinemas also remove all of the  trailers and advertisements from the beginning of the movie along with all of the previously mentioned adjustments.

A list of all cinemas which offer these ‘special needs friendly screenings’ can be found at