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Kelly is the advertising production manager for Woman’s Way. Over the past nine months she has been blogging about her pregnancy. The wait is now over and we’re very pleased to congratulate Kelly on the birth of a beautiful baby girl! Kelly will now be writing about the ins and outs of being mum to a newborn in her new monthly column. 


It was back to work time and I have to say I didn’t enjoy it one bit. I had heard a few people saying, ‘Oh it’s great, it will get you out of the house and you can finally have some adult conversations’. Sorry but I’d rather be at home playing with Ava all day and talking to her. The first journey back to work involved tears, tears and more tears; actually the first week involved a lot of tears. My Mam very kindly took that week off work so that she could mind Ava and let me settle back in without worrying about her, although it didn’t help how much I missed her, but at least I knew she was having fun with her Nana. I was going through red lights just to get home to her everyday. My boss very kindly let me change my hours from 8am – 4pm so it’s not too bad, although I do find myself looking at videos and pictures of her throughout the day. At least I get to spend a few hours with her in the evening, have a bit of playtime, and with the bright nights finally here we can go out walking before bottle and bedtime.

I was so worried about Ava starting with the child-minder, but two days in I knew she loved it and the worry left me. Ava’s child-minder is brilliant and we’re both so delighted we found someone like her. I know she’s going to have a lot of fun there, and get to meet a lot of new faces. It really helps when you know the person as well, she’s not a stranger and I know she’s brilliant with kids. The day before Ava was starting with her I brought her over to spend an hour with her, although I think I did it completely the wrong way. I brought her over when she was due her bottle and a bit cranky. Lets just say there were tears. Word of warning, if you’re bringing your baba to meet their child-minder/crèche make sure it’s at a time when they’re calm. Other than that life is good and most importantly Ava is happy. Now all we need to do is find our house and life will be perfect. Does that mean it’s time to start thinking about more babas?

We decided we were going to go on our first family holiday for Easter. Okay, we weren’t going to Spain, but we got a great deal on a lovely hotel in Tullamore and we had such a brilliant time. All we were short of was a 40-foot truck for the ridiculous amount of stuff we brought. The hotel was beautiful and very child friendly. The staff were so kind and helpful. Jamie and Ava had a ball, and we got to bring Ava swimming for the first time. She was extremely cute in her swimming suit and Jamie was so excited to be swimming with his little sister. They absolutely adore each other and Jamie is so good with her. At first she wasn’t too keen about the water, but after splashing her about for a few minutes she loved it. The swimming instructor old us to dunk her, but that was a job I was leaving up to her Daddy. In the end he decided not to do it.

Every evening we sat in the bar having our dinner and Ava would have her bottle and get into her jammies and off she went to asleep in her buggy. I kept her in her routine, as that’s the last thing I want to change. When we went up to the room at nighttime all I had to do was lift her into the travel cot that the hotel provided and she slept all night long. Unfortunately she was up at half six every morning for her bottle, thank God she wakes up smiling. The kids had a ball and poor Jamie wanted to stay longer. Joe and myself taught him how to play cards, and once I had gotten Ava to sleep the cards came out. Jamie had brought his PlayStation with him and it was a godsend come nighttime, as we had to leave the bar downstairs by 9.30pm. It’s true what they say about the country air; it really does knock you out, we were asleep every night by 10.30pm. As far as baby stuff goes, bring extra extra clothes, food and toys. We had a brilliant time and it was so nice just to spend time as a little family. Roll on the summer holidays in July.

I will admit I’m a shopaholic, and before Ava came along I bought myself something every week, that’s no joke. Now that my little cutie has come along I don’t think I’ve bought myself anything in months, it’s all about her, and she’s worth every penny. It’s a sin how much clothes you buy for your baby. I have a suitcase at home full of clothes that have all gone too small for her and most of them still have tags on them. I was looking up to see if there was a place you could send them for Momma’s who don’t really have much that could and need them. Does anyone know of a place like this? If so let me know as I would love to give the clothes to someone who needs them for their little babas.

Ava grows at rapid speed, I’m not even kidding she grows more and more by the week, and let me tell you it isn’t cheap. My place to shop for Ava is Zara – I can’t walk by the shop without getting her something and its great value. I buy Ava’s vests from Penneys, they wash so well, and when the dirty nappies go up the back, you don’t mind throwing them out either as they’re so cheap. I still have her in long sleeved vests as its still a bit nippy out, but I also picked her up the short sleeve, and strappy vests in Penneys as I know they will be gone by the time the summer comes around. They have baby sun hats out so I picked up two of them and they are just the cutest. Also reminds me that I must pick up sun cream! Can anyone recommend sun cream for babies?

We all can’t wait to hear our babas saying their first word and as I spend all day with Ava I was convinced I’d hear “mama” first. Of course it didn’t turn out that way and on the weekend of Mother’s Day our darling daughter decided to say “dada”. Well I was only disgusted, but the look on Joe’s face made me happy, he had tears in his eyes and kissed the face off her. She’s a real Mama’s girl but she knows how to play Joe and he falls for it every time, she has him wrapped. Daddies and their little girls.

Why was the Internet ever invented, I mean every day I’m searching what Ava should be doing by now and why she isn’t doing it by now. I torture myself really. I’ve learned that in her own time she will do the things she’s meant too do and until then I’ll let her be.

I thought it was time to introduce a sippy cup. Ava prefers to throw it rather than drink from it. I can’t help but laugh, she’s so strong and one of these days she’s going to hurt someone. I haven’t let her have a drink of juice yet; I just have water in it. I don’t think it’s the right beaker for her as I’ve noticed that he top is quite big. I’ll go back to Internet and have a look, or I could just be a person who actually goes into the shop and have a look at what’s available. Trial and error I keep telling myself and to stay away from the Internet. Although every time I have a cup of tea in my hand she wants it, and yes I’ll admit to it – I do put her soother in and let her have a taste. She loves it. Maybe I’ll just buy her a plastic mug and hope for the best.