LIVING | The Baby Files: June

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Kelly is the advertising production manager for Woman’s Way. Over the past nine months she has been blogging about her pregnancy. The wait is now over and we’re very pleased to congratulate Kelly on the birth of a beautiful baby girl! Kelly will now be writing about the ins and outs of being mum to a newborn in her new monthly column. 


Yay, we have teeth! I was giving Ava her bedtime bottle and I knew she wasn’t right. She had been so cranky all day and wasn’t really in the mood for her bottle, which is not like her at all. I knew she was teething so I gave her some Bonjela and felt the bottom tooth had broken through. I screamed all over the house, you would think I had just won the lotto, but it’s a big deal. Over the next week she was really cranky and about a week after finding the first tooth I felt that the second tooth had broken through. She was going through stages of crankiness and wasn’t really taking her bottles.

She loves biting everything now that she has her teeth. She thinks she’s brilliant with them. She has a habit of biting on my face and loves biting Joe’s face, although he thinks she’s kissing him so I just let him think that. I mean we’ve all had tooth aches and they aren’t pleasant, so you can only imagine how sore it is for a baby teething. I have bought all sorts of teething rings, but she’s not into them at all. God bless Teetha and their sachets, they are a God send. Ava loves them, even opens her mouth for me to pour into her mouth. They must numb her mouth because the minute she gets it she relaxes. Her bum got really bad and it looked really sore, although it didn’t seem to bother her. I got her the Caldesene Powder and within three days it had cleared up. I even bought the Calsdesene cream for her, just so I have back up.

Ava is now on three solid meals a day with three 210ml bottles. She was a very hungry baby from day one. With her lunch and dinner I give a Cow & Gate fruit pot, I don’t always give her a full pot, maybe just half. She loves it and I know it’s full of goodness and it fills her up. My Mam gave her a Farley’s Rusk the other day, she dipped it in tea before giving it to her and she loved it, although her hair and clothes loved it more. Now that she’s getting teeth I’m hoping I can move her onto the next stage food and stop giving her pureéd food. I know she won’t like it, but she has to try it and get used to it. She has a terrible gag so I know there’ll be a few funny faces and maybe even some vomit. Oh the joys. At least she’s getting use to her beaker and she loves a little drink of Heinz Apple & Blackcurrant juice. I know there’ll be ice-cream coming her way shortly and I know she’ll just love it. She has a very sweet tooth and she didn’t get that from me…Thanks Dada…

Anyone’s baba crawling yet? I don’t think Ava will be a crawler, I have a feeling she’ll be up walking about before we know it. She rolls all over the floor, but every time I put her on her tummy she rolls straight back onto her back. She’s not into tummy time at all, although she never was so it doesn’t surprise me. I think I’ll have to buy her a walker soon, and by soon I mean this weekend, especially with the summer months approaching she can fly around the back garden. She is now standing up against the sofa, although she doesn’t pull herself up, I know she’s strong enough to do it.

I got a bottle of  Bioderma 50 for kids sun cream in work. There’s a lovely smell off it and it also has a moisturiser in it, which I love as Ava has dry skin like me, hopefully it will make her skin smoother. I’ve also stocked up on sun hats, thank you Penney’s. Best kids shop ever. I went over to the new Liffey Valley Penney’s and kitted Ava out for the summer for €170.00. It’s a sin how much she has, there’s suitcases in my Mam’s full of clothes that she has outgrown and tags are still on them. I really want to give them to someone who needs them.

She has everything she needs for the summer apart from shoes, but I think I’ll take a trip into Clarks and get her proper sandals. With her standing now I think it’s time we got her foot measured and get her proper shoes. I know she won’t keep them on, but here’s hoping.

I think it’s really important for babies to have routines. I’ve had Ava in a routine since day one and I won’t let anyone interfere with it. No matter what happens during the day I’ll always give Ava her bedtime bottle at seven and have her asleep by eight. She sleeps all night long, okay she might move around for her soother, and she thinks she’s an acrobat in her cot and does be in all sort of positions, it’s crazy the way we find her. Lately she likes sleeping on her side, I’m freaked she’s going to turn her head over into the mattress so I keep an eye on her and if I know she’s really out cold I turn her back on her back, although she doesn’t stay that way for long. With the hot weather we’ve been having lately I’m a bit nervous when it comes to what she is going to sleep in.

In May we had the hottest day of the year, I caked Ava in sun cream and we had a great day out walking and went to the swings. I tried to keep her in the shade every chance I could. Her sun hat did block it from her face. Going to bed that evening I was really nervous about what to dress her in, as it was the week that the poor seven month old baby died in a car from a heat stroke. I was Googling everything I could. In the end I just left Ava in her vest and baby grow and she was perfect. The temperature does drop at nighttime so I was thinking, I kind of need to keep her warm as well. The next day Ava woke up around 9.30pm, which is extremely unusual for her and green stuff was coming out of her eye. Immediately I thought conjunctivitis. I rang the out of hours doctor and they didn’t have an appointment till 11.45pm. That was too late and I wasn’t bringing her out at that time of the night, so I waited until the next morning at 6am and rang them and they gave me an appointment for 8.45am that morning.

The doctor was really nice and said she had a viral infection and a touch of conjunctivitis. He gave her antibiotic drops for five days. The only thing I could think off was, how the hell was I going to get drops into her eyes. It actually wasn’t too bad, I lay her down on the sofa and Joe stood behind her talking to her and I was able to get the drop in. She didn’t mind it either. I swear I’m raising the next wonder woman, the child is a dream and never gives out when she’s sick.

I can’t believe how big she’s getting. It’s true what people say, it goes by so fast and before we know it we’ll be blowing out her first birthday candles with her.

I think both of us have settled into our new ways, of me being back in work and her with her child-minder. She loves being there and loves playing all day, and knowing she’s happy makes me happy. I miss her so much and with her changing so much I know I’m missing those first milestones. If I miss her first steps I’ll die. She hasn’t said Mama yet, she said Dada a few weeks ago, but hasn’t said it again. She loves having the chats, and me and her do have all sorts of chats in the car on the way to work and on the way home. She cracks me up. Her voice starts of really low and by the time were nearly home she’s talking/singing on the top of her voice. She’s too funny. I know when she really does start talking it will be hard for her to stop. Her poor Dad’s head will be wreaked trying to watch the football.

It’s hard to believe I met Jamie when he was 3 years old, and a few weeks ago I watched him make his first holy communion. Jamie may not be my flesh and blood, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love him as if he were. I wouldn’t treat him any different. I felt so proud of him and to say he was adorable is an understatement. He was ridiculously cute, and so was his sister. Ava slept through the mass thank God, she was a dream and we all had a great day.