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Would you love a personal trainer but cannot afford it? We sourced the secret tips from the best trainers to help you on your fitness journey.

After getting the motivation to actually go to the gym or a class, it is frustrating when you do not see the fruits of your hard work. It’s an issue most women face.

How can these celebrities and stars get the body they want despite us doing the same amount of work? The simple answer is that they have personal trainers creating the best fitness programmes, and nutritional advice.

Getting a personal trainer is ideal, but can be expensive. However, they happily divulge some of the basic tips and tricks that can help you get on the right path, and stay on it!

Ask any personal trainer what is the most important thing when training and they will all tell you the same thing. Healthy eating. Without the proper nutrition and fuel, you will never reach your fitness goals. Eating a balanced diet and cutting out the ‘bad foods’ is the basic key.

Eat more, but less is another mantra. Havings smaller meals throughout the day prevents bad snacking and maintains good energy.

Why do you want to get exercise? Is it so your clothes fit better, or to feel healthier? Develop a strong mental image that is positive and specific to help you stay motivated.

Rather than just knowing your weight on a scale or the size of your clothes, do you know your body fat percentage, your basic heart rate of the number of calories you should be eating for your age? These are all statistics that you need to know before you start any training plan as it will define what type of exercise and areas you should focus on, and more importantly what exercises you should be avoiding!

Your body adapts to everything so try new exercises, or even new routes while walking or jogging.

Most importantly, enjoy the exercise!