Living | Dealing with Digital Stress

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Social media never stops, with many of us unable to resist the temptation to check it regularly. Being constantly ‘on’ can make our bodies and mind switch off.

Switching off seems an impossible choice. The excuse of not seeing a work email or missing a message are long gone. It is now assumed, not expected, that your smartphone is almost surgically attached to your hand.

On the other hand, taking a break from the digital world is also becoming more on trend. Indeed, some employers are also slowly recognising the need for workers to switch off.

According to studies, being constantly accessible for work is the leading source of technology-related stress, with many working additional hours because of it. Unfortunately, it’s a habit many of us have become accustomed to. Try to break this habit by allocating some time to yourself when you leave work. Doing an activity can be the best way to physically staying away from your phone and really switching off.

Tell your colleagues that you are unavailable after a certain time. If you need to stay connected, allocate a specific time and communicate that time.

A majority of our communication is now digital. While this is the most convenient and secure methods for certain tasks, misunderstandings can easily arise. This, in turn, can lead to prolonged stress and anxiety as you wait for the fallout from such communication.

To avoid such drama, try to have important conversations face-to-face. Having proper conversations can also help your working relationship with others.

Reading social media updates that annoy or stress you can have an adverse impact on your mood. Declutter your feeds, so that you only see the updates from those that you enjoy.

Another leading cause of technological stress is having to keep up with technology changes. You do not need to own every device or set up an account with new sites to keep in touch. You only need the technological tools that can enhance your life.

Try a digital detox. Attempt one day, and build up to a weekend.