Living | Easy ways to start eating clean

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Do you want to join the eating clean brigade? We look at some of the best ways that can help you start to eat clean, and more importantly healthier.

Eating clean has become more than just a buzzword favoured by celebrities. It has become something of a movement as more people embrace healthier eating, and living.

As with all eating patterns, there are some that can take it to the extreme and eliminate all sorts of foods from their diets. This, as we all know, is the wrong approach and is in no way sustainable.

Instead, we should opt to introduce better habits into our diet that will give us the energy and strength to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

First, identify why you want to undertake a clean eating routine. Change requires a goal, and motivation. Write down what you hope to achieve so you will always be reminded of your end goal.

Secondly, you need to be honest about the amount of time and commitment you can make to change. If you are late home in the evenings, will you really have the time to cook a meal from scratch? Set out a strategy on how you can best equip yourself to undertake this challenge.

Keep a diary of what you eat before you start clean eating. You may be surprised at how healthy, or indeed, unhealthy, you are eating. This will also help you to identify where you can make small and big changes to your diet.

Once you have identified your ‘bad’ food intake, map out how you can change it. Reducing your intake of sugar, for instance, is often the main priority for those starting off on a clean eating pattern. However, you need to be specific in your goals. This may involve checking the ingredient list on all foods you buy. Cutting out soft drinks may be another.

To achieve this, you need to shop with a purpose. When once you would have picked up a packet of crisps or juices, you need to get into a habit of selecting the right foods to match your new healthy eating routine.

Being positive and thinking of your end goal continually is key to kickstarting and maintaining a healthy eating regimen.