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Christmas is all about indulgence, but all of those festive treats and lounging around can take a toll on your health.

Duvet days and eating boxes of sweets is what Christmas is all about. But all of that lounging around and indulging in selection boxes can take its toll on your health and well being.

If you want to stay fit and healthy during the festive period while also wanting to enjoy the season, we look at some of the things you can do.

At every turn, you will be faced with boxes of sweets and snacks when visiting family and friends. To avoid gorging on such foods, eat wholesome and filling dishes before you go out. More importantly, do not skip on any meals. It is hard to have a set routine with all of the running around so try to eat more often in small amounts. This will keep hunger at bay and you will be more inclined to eat less sweet and crisps.

If you are good all year, choose treats that you only indulge on a special occasion. By doing this, you will savour the treat more and only take it in small amounts.

Be realistic and do not deny yourself the treats. The more you deny yourself these small indulgences, the more you will gorge.

Alcohol and soft drinks are loaded with calories and high amounts of sugar. Drink lots of water, and watch your intake of all alcoholic drinks. Use low-calorie soft drinks in your beverages to lessen the sins of it!

You should try to maintain your fitness regime during the Christmas. If you cannot do that, you can sneak a few exercises in by cleaning around the house, parking the car further away and walking to the shops.

Alternatively, arrange to go on an early morning walk with a friend. This forces you to get out of the house and walking.

Finally, enjoy the festive period. It is okay to be less strict with your regime, as long as you keep everything in moderation.