Living | Should you be a monthly goal setter?

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Have your new year resolutions gone to the wayside? Do you vow to be good on a Monday, only to wane by Thursday? When it comes to goal setting, monthly planning is the only way to go.

Why set monthly goals? While new year resolutions are good, they can be hard to sustain as you have one whole year to keep getting back on track after you fail. There is no incentive or motivation to really push yourself.

Weekly goals, on the flip side, are too short. It takes weeks to break bad habits, not days.

As such, setting monthly plans is the most feasible solution for many people.

Every single month you should be working towards one significant goal; it may be the same goal every month, but having one goal creates unprecedented focus.

A really focused person will accomplish more than a hundred people who are double minded. By virtue of setting a ‘big goal,’ and committing to achieve that by month’s end, you will summon energy and motivation that you didn’t realise you even had. As you practice this goal setting each month, you will turn the impossible into the inevitable. It’s a good habit that you will make.

To ensure you feel a sense of accomplishment after you achieved your goal, you need to be able to measure it. If possible, try to quantify the results you are hoping to achieve, whether it’s the amount of cash you saved or inches lost on your waistline. This will allow you to assess your results and readjust your goals accordingly.

Ensure that only you can achieve these set goals. This means you must be able to achieve the goal as a result of your own hard work and determination, or with the assistance of someone in your network. If you have no control over the outcome, it is impossible for you to make realistic goals.