Living | Why you should start a blog

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Blogging seems like such an easy and lucrative business for some. And it is. But there are so many other benefits to starting a blog than making money. We look at why you start a blog today. 

It is hard not to get envious of those bloggers that are captured front row at New York Fashion Week or travelling the world on someone else’s expense. While there are now millions of bloggers, however, there are only a few that manage to get to that level of making a living (and a good one) from their writing.

Whether you make a million or not from your experience, there are so many other benefits from blogging.

  • Helps you learn. Blogging is about sharing what you see, or want to see, in the world. When you start a blog, you find yourself always learning new things about your areas of interest so you can keep sharing ideas with your followers.
  • Makes you think clearly. Blogging allows you to think clearly and generate good ideas. It gives you the opportunity to really reflect on issues or concerns, or relationships and society. It allows you to also engage with other intellectually as they comment on your own opinion.
  • Makes you a better writer. Writing consistently and practice makes you a better writer. As you do not want to publish anything that is ‘bad,’ you remain focused on writing your best work.
  • Confidence matters. There are many issues or concerns that we are afraid to voice in certain social or work situations. Blogging gives you that platform. You can freely write on any issue that you feel confident writing in. When your blog resonates with others, this can have a positive impact on your own confidence.
  • Challenge and discipline. Once you start blogging and build an audience, you have to maintain a schedule to write. This requires discipline. Such a practice can help you in other areas of your life that may prove challenging, such as a work task.