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Never put your shoes on the table or you’ll have bad luck – chances are this was something you may have heard while you were growing up.

From Faeries to the Púca to the Banshee, it’s fairly safe to say that us Irish people are a superstitious folk. There are so many superstitions that are believed in Ireland and each county tends to have superstitions that belong uniquely to it.

Here are some of our favourite Irish superstitions…


Magpies are synonymous with bad luck

Never put shoes on the table – Not only is it quite an unhygienic thing to do, it can also bring you seven year’s worth of bad luck and let’s be honest, no one needs that.

Beware the owl – Usually a symbol of wisdom, in Ireland owls are associated with bad luck. If you come across a living owl, don’t look directly into its eyes. If someone gifts you something that has an owl on it, it can bring you bad luck. Never keep anything with an owl on it in your home.

Touch wood – If someone says ‘Touch wood’ then you immediately have to find some wood to touch or else you’ll get bad luck.

Don’t pass someone on the stairs – This is incredibly unlucky and means that you will have a bad fight with that person at some point in the future.

Itchy nose – If you have an itchy nose, immediately poke the person beside you and shake their hand while saying “Fight’s over!” this will ensure that you don’t fall out with this person.

Sorrowful snowdrops – It is very bad luck to have a bouquet of snowdrops in your home as they will bring every inhabitant of the house bad luck.


Is a black cat good or bad luck for you?

Blue and green – Blue and green should never be seen, unless there’s something in between. If you don’t stick to this rule, you will have bad luck. Green is also said to attract grief and is an unlucky colour to wear.

Serious stones – You should never wear an opal stone unless it’s your birthstone, otherwise you will attract negative energy to yourself. Likewise, you should never wear pearls on your wedding day as they will attract tears and heartache.

Black cats – In some parts of the country, to have a black cat walk across your path means that you will receive a windfall of money or some good luck. However, in other parts of the country, a black cat walking across your path foretells of your death. Also in order to own a black cat as a pet, you must be a witch.

More money – Before you give someone a purse as a gift, you have to ensure that there is some money in it. This ‘blesses’ the purse and means that the person who receives it will always have financial abundance.

Ferocious Faeries – Never build a house on a fairy path. Set four posts into the soil of the site and leave them overnight. If they are still standing in the morning, then it is safe to build there. If they have fallen over or have been moved, you need to find another site.